My annual domain renewal notice came through reminding me that it’s been four years since I started this little experiment.

After a short intro, the first post in anger covered Netflix’s $1m prize to anyone that could improve their recommendation algorithm by 10%. Indeed it took nigh on three years for someone to do so, but I’m sure the wait was worth it, both for Netflix for the free publicity and improvements in their software and also of course for the lucky winners.

Since then I’ve experimented with ad providers, changed templates, tested analytics tools, let comment spam run riot on one post, gone to WordPress free edition and right back again and somehow kept blogging for nearly four years.

Much of the blog over the last year was fueled by an internal digital newsletter I wrote, but with a new role that newsletter ended drying up the supply of new posts here.

I couldn’t quite face switcing off the blog after all this time and it still gets a more than steady stream of traffic through. That steady stream of traffic alone is a reason to keep it running for now, while I decide how best to make use of the blog and the time available.

So, to all those that have visited over the last four years, thank you and let’s see what the future holds.