I’ve been considering the future for this blog for a while and have decided to keep the blog going. It still gets a steady stream of traffic and while the day job doesn’t make an allowance for this, I’m going to make an allowance for it in my own time.

I’ve moved the blog back over to hosted WordPress, keeping the domain. It’s not ideal, as a particularly popular post details, but it will do for now.

With Twitter five years old and racking up a billion tweets a week and Facebook even overtaking porn in terms of UK traffic, you may well ask why. The reason is that 140 characters is not enough to formulate an argument and its instant nature often doesn’t allow enough time to think through an argument.

Perhaps much of blogging will become the pen and ink of digital communications, a declining but valuable craft providing more considered analysis and perhaps more of the personal diary forms of communication while revert to a more natural place on social media platforms.

I’m hedging my bets and will be continuing with both.