In a post last year, I explained that I was looking to run an ad trial on the site to test ad optimisation service Pubmatic as a way to test it for some much larger sites.

That test is now over, partly as this site doesn’t really get the traffic to provide precise enough data, but also because it became quickly apparent that Google Adsense was providing the higher quality ads and higher click-through rates of the ad networks tested.

So, to cut out the middle man, I’ve kept Google Adsense in the hopefully unobtrusive position on the right-hand column, as it’s fascinating to see the responses on different categories and pages.

I’m keen to learn more about the impact of ad positioning and ad unit, so if you’ll bear with me, I’m going to trial another style of unit on single posts in between the post and the comments.

Again, as payback for the ads, I’ll share the results in due course.