Every now and then you stumble upon (literally) a piece of content on YouTube whereby the term ‘user-generated content’ just doesn’t cut it.

Step forward OneManSho, who manages to cram an incredible 200 impressions into just over a quarter of an hour. What’s even more impressive, is that most of them are actually pretty good.

It reminded me of the crammer’s favourite the Reduced Shakespeare Company which squeezes all of Shakespeare’s 37 plays into just over an hour and a half.

All-in-all, an enjoyable global audition which will surely lead to him moving to other platforms – the other video sharing sites will no doubt be on the poach and he would be a surefire hit a the Edinburgh Fringe (although he may have to pad it out a half hour!).

We keep reading about the ‘MySpace-made-us’ musicians (cue Lily Allen, Artic Monkeys), how long until we see the YouTube etc. comedians as a fixture on our big screens?