Up to a couple of weeks ago very few visitors were coming through to this site from the search engines. In fact it took a couple of months for Google (MSN Search and Yahoo were more accommodating) to even offer up the site as a result for a direct search on ‘TechnoCloud’.

I’ve semi-dilligently built up inbound links and populated the site with content, but Google refused to send even a dribble of its endless traffic TechnoCloud’s way. This started to change thanks to inclusion in Dmoz.org, the Open Directory Project, which Google uses as one element of its ranking system. After that you could search for ‘TechnoCloud’ and find the site.

I’ve read before about Google ‘Sandboxing‘, but not experienced it first hand. The theory goes that Google will place new sites for around six months into an equivalent of internet purgatory.

Around six months after making my first post on TechnoCloud, it appears that Google has given the thumbs up to the site. As if a switch had been flicked all of a sudden, I started getting through a regular stream of visitors from the search engines on the likes of ‘Facebook mobile’ and interestingly the ever popular ‘Make your own Supermodel’.