Google have used their blog to reveal more about the proposed direction and integration of YouTube and Google Video.

Far from killing the golden goose that is YouTube’s audience, YouTube is to remain its own identity, but with increasing use of Google’s monetisation tools. YouTube delivers the traffic, Google monetises it.

Naturally, Google Video will start including more results from YouTube, although Google will retain its catchall independence by adding as many sources of video as possible. How long before video is added to the hallowed homepage tabs in the UK along with images, groups, news, etc.? (Update: it is already in the US)

Interestingly with video content proving increasingly pervasive online, Google Adsense are running an Adsense video test as it attempts along with many others to find the sweet spot in terms of monetising video often played outside the host site through embedded media players such as YouTube’s.

More about this on the Adsense blog.