The .308 sniper rifle is the more powerful of the two sniper rifles available in GTA Vice City. It’s semi-automatic and laser sighted. There are only 7 rounds, so it’s worth knowing how to acquire one for free.

You’ll need to reach the third island to find it. It’s located on the roof next to the Kaufman Cabs sign, so you’ll need to find a way to get up there. You could do it in style by flying there in the helicopter – available for example on the roof of the safehouse on the north of the third island – or you could use the stairs.

Around the back of the Kaufman building and through a gap in a white wall are the first set of steps. Climb up these and then jump down to the lower roof when you reach the top of the steps. Walk to the far corner and there it is, a re-spawning .308 sniper rifle.

Watch our video to see exactly where and how to get hold of one.