Local Liquor Store GTA San AndreasLocal Liquor Store is one of the four robbery missions with crazy Catalina. She plans to hit the store, but four robbers on quad bikes have got there before her. She shoots one of them and you both jump onto the vacant quad bike to catch the three others before they get away.

The quad bike takes a little time to master as it’s so unstable when cornering. It doesn’t flip but can be hard to control. Remember that the other quad bikes will stick to the dirt tracks, so keep an eye on the route ahead using the map to see where they are heading. And if you’re not a fan of the quad bike, you can park another vehicle nearby and jump onto it to make things much easier.

It’s useful to have some minigun or even better SMG ammo to hand to help Catalina when you do catch up with one of the quad bikes.

A top tip when you do take out of the quad bikers and he drops his briefcase is to leave it where it is. It isn’t going anywhere and you can come back and collect it later. If you go around in circles trying to regather it you risk the other quad bikers getting too far away and failing the mission.

Try to keep to the dirt tracks as the quad bike is unstable and slippery on the grass and if you shoot off the track and down a hill you can risk Catalina falling off and failing the mission.

When you’ve picked up the three briefcases, it’s back to Catalina’s for more talk about relationships, although she may well be better off talking to a therapist.