Juju Scramble - GTA Vice CityJuju Scramble introduces you to Auntie Poulet in the first of the Haitian missions.

The police are closing in on their stash of powders and you’re up against the clock to find them before they get there. Make sure you start with full health and armour.

As you’re up against the clock, it helps if you arrive with a fast car, although the mission is as much about knowing where to look when you reach the indicator.

The first one is up on the roof. Go up the grey steps to the right of building it is on which will cue a cut scene whereby a SWAT member will start shooting at you. Either take him out or simply run off and get back into your vehicle to pick up the next stash which is simply on the street corner and easy to find. The only trouble is the cops who get in your way with the clock running down fast.

Again the third one is simply on the ground and easy to find, but will trigger a full five stars. Then it’s a race back to Auntie Poulet’s. Now you could head for the Pay’N’Spray, but Auntie Poulet’s house is closer, so it’s best just to make a run for her house on foot keeping off the roads to avoid the majority of the cops and Feds who are after you..

Reach it and you’ll have earned $1,000.