Shakedown - GTA Vice CityIn Shakedown, the Diaz mansion is now yours and it’s time to start taking over the town. With Diaz out of the way, it’s down to you to keep the protection racket going in his absence by shaking up the local stores.

You head over to North Point Mall in Vice Point and need to do a series of hit and runs by smashing the windows of the stores with a machine gun or similar.

You’re against the clock, so jump into the Infernus parked outside the mansion and head over to the mall as soon as you can.

Once you’re in the mall, follow the purple indicators and have a machine gun at the ready as you’ll need to move fast. You’ll likely pick up a couple of wanted stars, but don’t bother dealing with the cops and just keep on the move or you’ll run out of time.

Provided you’re using the machine gun you should be fast enough to keep out of any trouble, although as usual it’s handy having full body armour, not that you should need it, as you’ll see from the main picture we completed the mission without taking any damage.

Walk up to the shop windows and fire at the points on the window using the machine gun’s auto-fire. Once you’ve hit 3 or so shops you’ll have spread sufficient fear to trigger the mission’s completion and have earned $2,000. You only need to hit the ground floor businesses to do the damage required to finish it.

What’s more you can now start purchasing the various businesses around town to start working your way through the asset missions.