Body armour and machine gun location
Where to find the body armour and machine gun

Head over to Ken Rosenberg’s office and enter the pink area indicated on the map to start your first mission. Here you learn about Colonel Cortez and his party of movers and shakers that you are going to attend in Ken’s place.

First up you’ll need some new threads, so you’ll have to head over to Rafael’s clothes shop to get your glad rags on. As you exit Ken’s offices, there’s a sports car to your left.

Once you’ve reached Rafael’s there’s a motorbike across the street, although it doesn’t matter whether you use it or not to head over to Cortez’s yacht where you’ll meet many of the main characters from the game.

On the way why not pick up some body armour and machine gun ammo in the area indicated on the map. Walk through the trees and the machine gun is on the left, keep going with the building on your right and the body armour and a hidden package is round the corner. These will re-spawn after every save to return to build up your stocks of ammu and restore your body armour.

After a long cut scene, you’re tasked with taking Mercedes to Pole Position. That’s it. As long as you don’t accidentally run Mercedes over you’ll have earned $100, but don’t worry more cash and entertaining missions are to come, so head back over to the ‘L’ on the map to start the next mission, Back Alley Brawl.