Following on from our article looking at global mobile browser market share 2013, here we contrast the global trends with those in the UK, thanks again to figures from Statcounter.

From the outset, it’s clear that the iPhone holds a much stronger position within the UK than globally, being well ahead of Android with 45.16% of the market to Android’s 29.07% in February 2013. And this is not even taking into consideration tablet and iPod touch where Apple is at its strongest in terms of market share over Android.

Interestingly, while Android has caught up, iPhone is holding onto its lead with both growing 8-9% in share in the year to 2013 and in January and February has accelerated its lead over Android picking up an extra 3% share as many consumers found a shiny iPhone 5 in their Christmas stockings.

Equally remarkable is how fast Blackberry has fallen moving from second position a year ago with 30.23% to a hugely reduced 12.92%. With Blackberry falling even further behind after a terrible Christmas, it’s more of a two-horse race than it is globally with Opera on less than 3% compared to its 15% globally.

A year is a long time in mobile for all three companies, but for Blackberry it’s difficult to see them turning it around even with the launch of its new handsets, including the Blackberry 10 which met with mixed reviews.

UK mobile browser stats and trends 2013
Look away now Blackberry…