Angry Bulls review
A chance for the bull to exact some revenge on the safety of your iPhone...
Deceptively simple, yet equally addictive and frustrating those angry animals strike again in the Follow That App of the Week for July 2nd 2011, Angry Bulls.

We were a little concerned when this popped into our inbox – could it be an angry birds rip-off featuring bullfighting? Surely not?

However, this simple, yet engaging game drew us in. It’s a chance for the bull to enact some revenge in a take on the famous Pamplona bull run.

You can play as the bull destroying everything in your path or as the brave runner trying to avoid getting flattened and getting extra points for staying as close to the horns as possible. Just when you think you’ve mastered this game a rampaging bull steams into the action and takes practice and good timing to avoid.

Despite the limited game modes, there’s plenty of gameplay to be found as you hone your skills and improve your score, accompanied by evocative Spanish music and fun sounds.

Don’t love
While it’s simplicity is a strength, it is also a weakness, as after a few practices you can complete the game relatively easily leaving you to work on refining your score. The graphics while adequate are only that.

The biggest gripe we had was with the controls, particularly in ‘brave mode’, as it’s too easy to accidentally press the pause button or for your finger to slip from the controls resulting in a squashing.

With the game currently free, this is well worth a download and an entertaining way to spend a few hours dishing out revenge as the bull or testing your bravery as a runner.

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Fanboy store review: “Really quite funny. Graphics aren’t too bad, and several types of game to play. All in all, a good game.” 

Meh store review: “Game gets boring after a while, kept it on my iPod for only a week.”

Get it on iTunes: here.