NHS Drinks Tracker review
Show me the way to go home…

Keep track of your drinking with the Follow That App of the Week for May 7th 2011, NHS Drinks Tracker.

Where the web allows you to track every part of your life, mobile apps give you the practical tools to do it and this app is a perfect example.

It’s easy to lose track of how much you’re drinking and in an ever health conscious world, this simple app allows you to do that. You record how many drinks you have and the app will then calculate the units and then feedback on how you’re doing versus your daily and monthly recommended amounts.

While not the most sophisticated of apps, it does one thing and does it well, ideal for a small screen.

Don’t love
It’s good but the lack of depth does let it down. Stats are limited to week/month and the variety of drinks you can enter is not detailed enough, particularly when it comes to shorts.

Urban legend has it that students have been using this app in drinking competitions – not exactly what the creators intended!

For those life-trackers keen on keeping an eye on their drinking, it does the job. And it’s free.

Want more?

Fanboy store review: “Excellent app, perfect for keeping track of consumption. Will be invaluable over the festive season. Would be great if you could review exactly what you drank from the tracker view.”

Meh store review: “I like the idea of this for anyone who wants to control their alcohol but it’s poorly executed, beer and cider doesn’t have a 500ml bottle size…”

Get it: here.