Organising apps into folders
Neat and tidy

If you have even a passing interest in apps, let alone if you’re an app reviewer, then in no time at all your handset will contain screen after screen of apps.

Help is at hand though. On Apple devices with iOS4 (nearly all iPhones and iPod touches and all iPads can be updated to this), there is the handy folder function.

  1. Simply hold down any icon until it starts shaking.
  2. Then drag the icon onto another icon you’d like to include in that folder. A folder will then automatically be created.
  3. The software will generate a name based on the category of app, e.g. games, or you can rename it yourself on the white bar
  4. Repeat, until neat, tidy and organised, with the caveat that you can’t create a folder containing only a single app and each folder is limited to a maximum of 12 apps.

Given you can have 12 apps in each folder, but only 9 icons are visible in each folder, it’s easy to forget where you put that app or indeed to recognise an icon at that tiny size. In that case keep swiping left or press the home button twice (not double click speed) and you can search for it by name.

Job done, back to downloading yet more.