As part of dusting off this blog, I’ve resubmitted it to blog aggregator Technorati.

As part of the process, you register and account, then claim a blog at which point you are presented with a claim token. You insert this into a blog post (my claim token is 2DG59837DPBH) and then go back to Technorati to check your claim.

However, while following the process I was presented with the misleading ad below on a page where you go to check whether your blog has been verified. It’s no doubt a coincidence and a network ad rather than anything wrong on Technorati’s side, but it highlights one of the problems with banner ads – poor quality creative.

technorati ad

We all know that banner ad click-throughs are low, but this kind of misleading ad hardly encourages trust among users about clicking through on ads, most of whom will click through on the ad by accident.