Now the buzz about Google’s launch of their Chrome browser has finally calmed down, I wanted to post some thoughts on the browser.

The good

First up, there is much to like – some of the highlights:

– How to get more people to read your product documentation. Write it as a comic
– It’s fast and uses less memory than my other browsers
– No one tab to rule them all. If one tab crashes, the others live on
– Wonderfully clean, simple design
– The homepage display of recently visited sites and resources

The bad

– It’s blocked by my system administrator at work, hardly unique within the corporate firewall. I can still use it via VM, but obviously it’s a major drawback as I like to have a consistent browser experience at work and at play
– Concern for Firefox in the browser wars. Hopefully the wonderful Firefox community will help keep the product innovating and ahead
– No home button, surely a browser staple? You can activate this, but many won’t see this. Some might see this as a ‘good’

The too early

– No extensions
– Delicious. With much of my brain’s storage outsourced to delicious, I need a delicious extension to function. It’s on the roadmap according to Google and there is a workaround using bookmarklets, but it falls short of the Firefox extension that is so integrated into my workflow when researching.