cricketAlthough I’ve long had access to one, I’ve borrowed a Wii for a long overdue extended trial of the console and am working my way through the various Wii Sports games that came with it.

After initially being underwhelmed by the graphics and simplicity of the gaming, I’ve started to be pulled in by the points accumulation system and its ability to get even the most cynical members of the family playing instantly through its intuitive gameplay.

Baseball (Rounders surely, ed?) has been a particular favourite leading to the universal question from those who have played of ‘where’s the cricket?’

Given the size of the cricket diaspora and the suitability of the Wii Remote as an extended cricket bat, I expected a quick search to reveal the game.

However, Wii Cricket is not yet in existance leading to several internet campaigns to push the likes of EA Sports to develop it. Its development has been hindered by the lack of cricket played in key markets, such as North America and Japan, but it looks like the decision is about to be reversed if comments by EA Sports’ President Peter Moore are anything to go by:

We continue to look at Cricket, you will see us talk about a little bit more about the Indian market for Cricket. We continue to watch the 20/20 format and seeing where that is going, but the National Test game is still the preeminent way people want to play the game. We have not done a game in a couple of years I think.

To add to the campaign, if Wii Cricket does come along, then one household at least will be purchasing a shiny new Wii to play it…