Now I’ve seen it all, with MSNBC’s NewsBreaker, news for the addicted gamer (or easily bored).

They have taken the classic brickbreaker game and added a news twist. During the game, news stories are released by knocking out certain bricks, with the headlines drifting down, before aligning themselves in a right-hand column. Click on a headline and the game pauses.

You can picture hardened news professionals (plus quite a few of the rest of us) raising their eyes to the sky at the mere thought of this, but no doubt some will enjoy this way of consuming the news.

If you could add your own feeds and escape the drudgery of ploughing through your news feed backlog while knocking bricks from the sky there may be something in this after all, particularly if you could tie it into a more entertaining game. Football news while playing FIFA on PS3?