One of the joys of opening up your product to the development community is that you get applications that you would never have thought of and would never get budget approval to complete. Plus, their quirkiness can lead to great viral marketing.

To illustrate the point, take these examples of Skype ‘hacks’ from VoIP news:

  1. From the useful: The Universal Chat and Language Translation add-on uses automated voice recognition and translation software and provides a text-only translation of many different languages. Handy.
  2. To the questionable: KishKish lie detector – claims to analyse stress levels in the voice to detect whether someone is lying or not. So, when making that multi-lingual business negotiation, you might use this plugin to have the upper hand.
  3. To the downright silly: the glorious Voice Analysis Love Detector. Combined with the two tools above, not only will you have the upper hand in the negotiation, but you will know whether they are lying to you because they are secretly in love with you!