There are two ways to hold money in GTA Online and important differences between them.

Firstly, on your person when you’ve just collected it. This is (almost always) the smaller number of the two rows of money that show top right. This money can be stolen by other players, so you want to be using option two until you need the money.

The second way is to deposit it in your bank. To move the money across you don’t have to visit an ATM (although you can if you want). Instead, open up your phone, navigate to the internet. Go to ‘Money & Services’ and scroll down to your bank, e.g. Maze Bank.

Then click through to ‘Deposit’ and then deposit all of the money available into your bank account. Surprisingly, given the crime levels and bank heists in GTA Online your money is safe there, until you find a way of spending or wasting it in the money-hungry game…

However, you may also want to withdraw cash for the likes of snacks, taxis and casinos – just follow the same steps above and select ‘withdraw’ instead of ‘deposit’ and draw down the amount you need.

Watch the video above to see it in action.