In Drive-by it’s time to show off your driving skills to the rest of the gang. Ryder claims that you can’t drive properly after five years on the east coast and challenges you to prove him wrong.

Jump in his car and take the others into Ballas territory for a drive-by. You need to drive alongside the Ballas and let the others do the shooting, taking car not to damage the car too much or you’ll fail the mission. You can also run the Ballas over, although you will damage the car a little.

Just drive past slowly and the others will do the work for you. When the first set of Ballas are taken out, you can jump out to collect their Uzi ammo, but don’t be out of the car for too long or you’ll fail the mission.

Rinse and repeat taking care to avoid unnecessary crashes and keep moving to avoid the car taking more damage, but not so fast the others can’t take out the Ballas.

When you’ve taken out all the Ballas you’ll pick up a two-star wanted level. You then need to drive back to the yellow marker for the Pay’N’Spray to get rid of the stars.

As you only have two wanted stars it’s not difficult to evade the cops, but just watch the damage on the car. Then it’s a simple drive back to the hood to earn your $500 and respect points.