Guardian Angels - GTA Vice City
The alleyway is cleared…

In Guardian Angels, Colonel Cortez asks you to watch over a deal for Diaz. To provide some additional protection, he has arranged a Kruger rifle for you to pick up at the multi-story car park.

When you arrive you are met by Lance and then head over in his car to the meeting point down an alleyway – somehow you just know this is not going to go well…

Take a vantage point up the steps and it’s down to you to protect Lance and Diaz when the shooting starts. Use the Kruger and just keep firing and you shouldn’t have any problems given the firepower at your disposal. If you can’t reach the Haitians, then just climb down the steps and keep firing.

When you’ve dealt with the Haitians two more on motorbikes will appear. One of them is taken out leaving you to chase the other one on the spare motorbike. Chase him down the alleyway being careful not to crash into the sides by driving too fast and when you are close enough use the forward facing gun (standard shoot button) to take out the other motorbike and collect the money.

You’ll then just need to return the briefcase to Diaz and it’s $1000 more in the bank.

At the end of the mission you’ll receive a call from Diaz to unlock a new set of missions for him and better still you’ll have unlocked the second island.