Army of Darkness Defence review
Must stop playing this, must stop playing this and write the review...

If the Follow That App of the Week is published slightly later this week, it’s only because we can’t stop playing Army of Darkness Defence, our Follow That App of the Week for June 18th 2011.

This wonderfully addictive castle defence game should appeal whether or not you’ve seen the original film or played the other platform versions of this classic game.

It’s a simple enough concept. Ash Williams, the hero, and the army he selects have to fight off the Army of Darkness to protect Lord Arthur’s castle and the Necronomicon book it contains.

From the easy early rounds where Ash can fight off the army by himself, the game draws you in beautifully as you decide which fellow soldiers to summon and which to upgrade with the coins you collect. It’s a great mixture of strategy and bravery as you can choose to send Ash into harms way to collect coins and extra steel for your ironmonger to equip more soldiers. Should you wait to summon a knight or send out more peasant cannon fodder in the hope they will buy you time?

There are 50 increasingly levels to unlock, followed by an endless wave mode for those who can’t put it down.

Don’t love
This game should come with a health warning as it’s so addictive for fans of the genre. If we’re being picky, it would be livened up with more graphic fighting.

Future upgrades we’d like to see would be multi-player mode and the option to play as the skeleton army.

With the game currently free, this is a must-have download for lovers of ‘castle defence’ and definitely worth a try for just about everyone else.

Want more?

Fanboy store review: “This is a brilliant game, and not just for fans of the movie. It’s more than a generic castle defence game; controlling ash and summoning troops from the castle is a great blend of action and fairly casual strategy” 

Meh store review: “Far too much of a grind to upgrade things in endless mode (at least for those of us who don’t want to exchange real money for in-game money), but apart from that, sublime. Such good fun”

Get it on iTunes: here.