Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Review
So wrong, yet so right...

With Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on offer this weekend, it’s well worth a look, particularly as this immensely fun game is the Follow That App of the Week.

It may not be the most educational of games (cops and robbers aside), but boy is this fun.

The controls are beautifully balanced to stop you swerving all over the road and the graphics are equally strong as you tear through the locations.

You can choose to be either the cop or the ‘robber’ (racer), although being the cop is the most fun as you get to take out the day’s frustrations on your opponent. There’s even local multiplayer mode.

It may be the ‘American’ school of police chases (just imagine the paperwork…), but it’s all the better for it as you take out the baddie by smashing his car off the road or escaping the psychotic cop on your tail.

It’s instantly accessible in arcade mode, but there’s more than enough here for hours of entertainment as you progress through the levels unlocking increasingly powerful and attractive cars.

Don’t love
Ethics-aside, there’s not much to dislike about this excellently produced game. Yes, it would be great to have some more levels and challenges, perhaps even a stunt mode, but it’s hard to argue with the entertainment on offer.

It could be a little more realistic as your bullet-proof police car is virtually indestructible and the damage should be visible on the car instead of a display, but that does mean you can go to town on wreaking the kind of havoc that would see your cop locked up over here.

Just about as much fun as you can have on an iPhone. Just please don’t drive like that out on the road, especially if you’re a cop…

Want more?

Fanboy store review: “I bought this game a while ago. I then got Asphalt 5 and didn’t use this for ages. Then I got bored of Asphalt 5 and played this again. I was stunned at how much better this is than the Asphalt series! It’s so fun to play! One of the best apps of all time!…”

Meh store review: Erm, we couldn’t find one for the latest update, bar a couple of complaints about crashing.

Get it: here.