Math bingo review
As easy as 1+1 (x2 / 3 -4)

Put the fun back into maths, with this well designed mental arithmetic game for kids, with a hidden treat if they complete the level.

Where was this when we were growing up? The game blends decidedly old-school bingo with a modern take on learning maths. You select a character, enter your name and then decide whether to do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or all of them in one of three increasingly difficult levels, with ‘hard’ including questions to challenge even for the bigger kids out there.

Get the sum right and a monster appears as a ‘tick’ on the square, get it wrong and it’s onto the next sum. Complete a row or column and it’s bingo which unlocks a simple game, Bingo Bug Bungee, where you fire monsters into the sky to dislodge a set of coins. The more you play the more monsters you get to fire.

Don’t love
Although it’s not aimed at us grown-ups the music on starting-up is seriously annoying, although thankfully this is switched off when they are actually playing. It’s deliberately basic, but would benefit from additional animation of the characters to add to the fun and an additional hidden game or two at the end, although most seem happy enough to play it when they were supposed to be doing their sums!

Now you’ve improved their maths, you’ll have to work on spelling. Come on Americans, we call it maths, not math…

A great way to get the little ones to improve their maths and it’s challenging enough even for those with two figures in their age. And currently at 59p it’s good value.

Want more?

Fanboy store review: “My 9 year old nephew has been practicing his facts for several months now with this fun game, but frankly, he was getting a little bored, since he practices with it every day.. He was absolutely DELIGHTED today when we downloaded the update and he saw all the new, very cool bingo bugs. He was jumping up and down, literally, he was so excited!!…”

Meh store review: Erm, we couldn’t find one which is a good sign!

From the publisher: “The object of Math Bingo is to get a pattern of five Bingo Bugs in a row by correctly answering math problems. Math problems are presented at the top of the game screen. Feedback is presented at the bottom of the game screen. Correct solutions to problems answered incorrectly will be displayed…”

Get it: here.