musicSpotify’s new UK MD, Paul Brown, was interviewed just a day into the job by Paid Content UK. Whether a brave or foolish thing to do on your first day, he did have some interesting things to say about the service.

While careful not to reveal numbers, he strongly hinted that the much rumoured Spotify iPhone application would be a premium service as a way to drive paid subscribers in conjunction with access to rare archive material.

“Portability is something we’re looking at – if you get a great execution on a range of portable devices, I think there will be a proportion of the population that will pay for that.”

Given the ease of the payment model of the App Store, many Spotify users would be willing to pay a reasonable price for a premium app in order to stream music on-demand, particularly if they can access their playlists and stream albums.

This would be an improvement over the one-song-at-a-time YouTube application whose catalogue is currently limited by disputes with the music industry or the limited artist radio service on their iPhone app.