An old post noting the BBC’s trialing of video embeds remains one of the most popular on this site, even though the story is out of date.

Thankfully I can update the story after a post on the BBC blog announcing that the trial is going to be rolled out using the embedded media player, starting on the News Technology section.

You can see it in action below (or not if it doesn’t work!).

It works fine for me and was easy to add to a post. The first impression was that the player feels too big, certainly compared to the initial trial size. The description panel below the video content is a large part of this, especially when the metadata could be displayed in the player itself, although I suspect the additional links (Terms; What’s This) were an important requirement of this getting released.

However, since my original post YouTube has increased the size of its embedded players with the change to widescreen format (and even allows HD), so it is not out of keeping with the dominant player in general video.

Equally a blog post is just one of the locations that the video could be embedded and it may look a better fit outside of a blog’s column width.