Regular readers will know that I admire a well executed viral marketing campaign. It’s a pity that I heard about it before I saw it denying the neat twist at the end as the brand was revealed, although it doesn’t really detract from the entertainment.

So, if you don’t want to know what it’s marketing (there might be a little clue further up though…), then watch the embedded video below, then read the rest of the post.

The viral stands out on several counts: although personally I hate musicals I have to admire the quality of the acting and singing; the hidden cameras capture the surprise of the unsuspecting public perfectly; it plays on the lack of human interaction in large public spaces like airports; and it’s a great fit for promoting a theatre booking service and doesn’t damage the brand by trying to stand out by being too edgy.

Best of all it works, it’s had me thinking I should go to the theatre more often, just not to any musicals…