MusicoveryIf there’s a more visually appealing way to discover music, I’d like to see it. Step forward, Musicovery, an evolution of the liveplasma discovery engine idea.

Navigation is through an innovative, yet intuitive, panel offering choices of genre and era, subdivided into a mood grid covering dark, energetic, positive, calm. Beyond this is a central navigation panel to select cross-genre mood and dance tempo.

The music catalogue available is of reasonable breadth, if short of exhaustive. On selecting your start point, Musicovery creates a playlist for you, illustrated through a colourful interlinked journey which you can drag to explore.

In the latest version, the e-commerce offering has been improved. You can now click through to buy the track on Amazon or iTunes and can listen to higher quality audio by paying €9.99 a year or €2 a month.

It will be interesting to see how financially viable the e-commerce options prove, but as a music discovery engine it has already expanded my horizons for one.