Army of Darkness Defence tips – Endless mode

Army of Darkness tips
The characters we used to reach endless mode above

Army of Darkness tips
How to make endless mode, well, endless

Update: see our new video above for another way of completing the level!

Now you’ve mastered level 50 in Army of Darkness Defence, we can move on to how to tame Endless mode.

By adopting the successful strategy from level 50 we’ve found a way to prolong the endless mode for just as long as your concentration and patience lasts.

Again, if you don’t want to know the answer look away now.

    1. Read our tips on getting through level 50 by clicking here and repeat those actions
    2. After several minutes you’ll have pinned the Deadite army back at the gate on the far right
    3. Once your Wiseman is in place to heal your wounds, simply go back and forwards collecting the iron, as you launch wave upon wave of Armoured Guard, Swordsman and Spearman, reincarnating Henry whenever he is defeated
    4. Keep going. And going.
    5. Get bored.
    6. Reset the whole game.

Still not working for you? Then try our alternative strategy for Endless mode here.

If you have an alternative solution, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Every time I pin the army to the far right Evil Ash appears and kills everything, I can never pass the 6 million score mark.

    How high did your score go? And how do you deal with all the evil Ashes?

    I use all 3 heroes and horses.

    • I got bored around 8 million. It took sheer weight of numbers with coordinated waves of Swordsmen/Spearmen and Armoured Guards in lines of 3, plus use of the Deathcoaster when they got into trouble.

    • I’ll give you my strat. Use fully upgraded peasants, sword boy, fully upgraded armored guards, wiseman, and a fully upgraded arthur. You can use whatever specials you want cause the troops really do everything but i suggest the coaster. first max the smith then call your heroes (arthur and wiseman) and then start calling peasants non-stop. peasants with the sword boy become overwhelming because of the number you can summon in such a short time. Henry and the armored guards can take damage so you never get pushed back. you eventually get too many peasants and archers from summoning arthur for Evil Ash to stand a chance. I’m at 60,000,000 right now and thats just because i haven’t taken the time to go further but this strat easily could go much farther. I should be on the leaderboard when i take the time.

      • 60 million, that’s serious patience! What does it take to get onto the leaderboard? Either strategy, the key seems to be flooding the Deadites with troops to keep them pinned in on the right.

      • but instead of armored guards, i have a level 8 Henry. I mainly use the majic words and the coaster, but i only get 2 million points every game. do the armored guards really make that big of a difference? because Arthur is my main tank, so which do you think is better?

    • the easiest strat is just to first of all upgrade these to the max:
      magic words
      henry if you want but i find him pointless in my strategie as the horsemen deal more damage when fully upgraded.
      -hint wenever your magic words are ready use them, but not the deathcoaster
      heres what u do:
      start by going to the pit and kiking deadites into it and wait till u get 75 iron, upgrade smithy to the max and when you get enough money call arthur.
      then (whilst still kicking deadites into the pit) when u get 45 iron, summon a horesman., then another , then the wiseman , by the time u summon the wiseman, you have pined the deadites against the wall. as soon as you hear evil ash , use the deathcoaster and whenever you can just keep summoning horesmen.

      if you get past the first evil ash with no problems, u’ll be good ;). once evil ash is dead, summon about 10 horesmen ( still using magic words and deathcoaster if another ash appears) and resummon arthur if need to. once u have a decent amount of horesmen ( say 15) summon 2 archers everytime u summon 1 horesman. after doing this untill 10 000 000 i couldnt be bothered to tap the screen anymore so i just let the game play, not one troop has died yet since then and evil ash only has the time to strike one blow XD i am currently at 612 211 089 points , my i-pod is constantly on charge lol i just want to get to the 999 999 999 ^^ im gonna have trouble dying though lol
      hope i helped 🙂

    • Max Ash
      Max Deathcoaster
      Max Catapult Volley
      Max Castle
      Max Arthur
      Max Henry
      Max Wiseman
      Max Armored Guard
      Max Horseman

      After pinning their army, spam guards and horseman. Revive Arthur, Henry, and Wiseman if they die.

      My Score: 31,474,915

      I committed suicide after getting bored, and got about 150k in gold.

  2. My method was to max out on all troops, Then I started out with Arthur, Henry, Wiseman, Armored Guard and Archer, with the Wrong Book and Magic Words as Ashes Weapons. Arthur was kind of the lead man up front since he could take so much damage, then I would just keep calling up Armored Guards and Archers over and over, combined with the Magic Words and Wrong Book. Eventually, the number of Archers shooting from the back was overwhelming to the point that Evil Ash never has a chance. I played up to 30 Million before I stopped because I didn’t see any end to the game and needed to go to sleep.

    • Impressed you managed to do that without the Deathcoaster which does some serious damage. Quite a few combinations work it seems as long as you can keep Ash out of trouble when Evil Ash appears.

  3. i maxed out all troops and started like the others with the three heroes and the deathcoaster. pretty soon you have the deathites at the gate and meanwhile I was calling the armored guards and horses whenever possible. at ~10 million or so i had so many horses and armored guards at the gate that my heroes are not dying anymore and i am not sure whether any of my units is dying. I dont think so. at around 20 million i realized that I can place ash in the very front without having any problem. Now I am around 45 million and am not doing anything. Ash is standing directly in the gate collecting everything, my units dont seem to die and the enemies are dead as soon as they enter the screen. I also didnt call any further troops for a while already or any spell. So since the enemie-army doesnt seem to increase in size or strength over time the game is now keeping itself quite busy.

  4. 190 million upgraded everything. Only thing I wish I had with me instead of useless peasants is a priest. Would be epic and I would just leave it without any worries. I’m currently pinning them and think I’ll take this all the way to the max out of 999,999,999 for leader board.

  5. Currently sitting at just over 80 million without max upgrades on all troops. I lucked out in the beginning when I got the witch instead of evil Ash a couple of times, but once you get started it’s easy. These are the upgrades I use:

    Ash – Max
    Arthur – Max
    Henry – Lvl 9
    Armored Guard – Level 9
    Horseman – Level 8
    Wiseman – Level 8
    Deathcoaster – Max
    Boomstick – Level 9

    At the start, let Ash deal with the enemies until you can max the smithy. Save until you can send out Arthur and Wiseman at the same time, then fill in with a couple armored guards. When your troops reach the gate, send out Henry / Horsemen and go to town. Right now I have so many horseman that all I have to do is replenish armored guards and heroes whenever they die, and I do move Ash back and forth as needed to heal.

    Hopefully after I’m done with this (goal is to hit 100 mil score), I can buy most of the final upgrades so it’ll be even easier next time!

  6. Using wiseman, Arthur, a constant stream of peasants, sword boy, and horsemen is the quickest way to beat down the enemy. I went so long once that my game crashed. I came back to the game, and I was still awarded 80,000+ gold for it :3

    • This method also worked for me – Horsemen at the highest level are the most powerful troops and you can have lots of them. Unfortunately, it also crashed for me, but I didn’t get the 80k in gold…

  7. max the armoured guard and horsemen and wiseman. have 10 horsemen and just keep on replenishing the armoured guard and thats it. u will not be killed. u will just get bored.

  8. I found the following to be the best combinations for endless …
    Armed Guard
    Death coaster

    As previously posted, you get Ash to deal with the initial Deadites by throwing them into the pit. Then upgrade smithy to max, then just as you build up around 70 or so iron start spamming troops. Initially Ash will need to retreat from the frontline every so often when Evil Ash comes out but eventually you have so much firepower you can just have him sit there at the wall collecting gold. I’ve gone to the shops and come back with him still alive once !!

    An alternative which I used initially was Peasant, Sword Boy, Armed Guard, Arthur, Wiseman which worked well too.

  9. I use Arthur, armed guards, wise man, horse men, and vary between Henry and spearman. Use the magic book. Best power up ever! Don’t use coaster. Takes to Long and once you get deep it won’t deal much damage, it’ll stop after a few deadites. Use arrows or catapults, i perfer the arrows, are weaker they regen way faster! Same ideas, pin them against the gate, summon massive horse men and armor guards. Just don’t stop. I’ve been 400 mil. +. Book backs you up with more free troops and random health. That’s it. Easy.

  10. This your swordsman, spearman and armored quard technique is useless. Armored guard, maybe yes, but the swordsman and the spearman can’t do any damage because they will die immediately. Much better idea is send the horseman, and always have a wise man, Henry and Arthur there also. You’ll be fine. Then, your skills should be the deathcoaster and the catapult. And you must upgrade Ash, his skills, and his troops the max.

  11. I have now fully upgraded everyone and everything, I use the troop generating book, Arthur, swordsman, bowman, healer and guardsman. Push them back to door, enough bowman and it just keeps going. Even stopped moving ash, just put him by the door and it was like a cash machine as long as I kept adding sword troops. He never gets low enough to die with enough bowman. I put too many bowman in and the game crashed but I kept my money. What i’m trying to figure out is do you lose your money when you reset the game?

  12. Arthur, Wiseman, Guard, Horse, Archer
    I keep crashing between 40 – 60 mill, but maybe I’ve spawned too many. I’ll go to 40 mill and them them all get taken out and rebuild it to the gate and see if I can get closer to max

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