Army of Darkness Defence tips – how to complete level 50

Army of Darkness tips
The characters we used to reach endless mode above

Army of Darkness tips
The characters we used to reach endless mode above

Update: see our new video above for another way of completing the level!

Army of Darkness Defence, a Follow That App of the Week, has been keeping us entertained and frustrated in equal measure this week. However, after a good deal of perseverance we have finally cracked the elusive level 50 and are now onto the ‘Endless mode.’

Much of the fun and frustration is in the trial and error that helps you finally unlock ‘endless mode’, but if you are short of time, then here are our tips for completing level 50. If you don’t want to know the answer look away now.

  1. You’ll either have to purchase enough credits to power-up your troops, castle and Ash to maximum or unlock these through playing your way through the levels and building up your credits
  2. Characters: we found the ideal mix was Swordsman, Spearman, Armoured Guard, Wiseman and Henry.
  3. Take on the skeleton army by ‘The Pit’ to buy you enough time to upgrade your Smithy to max.
  4. Launch your troops in waves of three – Swordsman, Spearman and Armoured Guard – building up a wall of resistance
  5. Weapons: The Wrong Book and Deathcoaster. Use the Deathcoaster to pile through the opposition and collect enough iron to then release the Wiseman and Henry.
  6. Keep launching waves of Swordsman, Spearman and Armoured Guards and using the Weapons to get you out of trouble until with a little luck and skill you complete level 50.
  7. And if you’d like to master Endless mode. Well, read our handy guide here.

Not working for you? Don’t worry, we’ve found another way with a slight change in the character mix – check our alternative strategy here.

And if you’ve found another way, let us know in the comments.

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Get the game while it’s free here.

And if you missed out on the original movie, you can get it by clicking on the links below and see why it’s such a retro classic:

Army of Darkness Blu-ray
And on Blu-Ray


  1. I beat level 5 with this team. peasants, sword boy, archers, torch boy, Wiseman. Used Super Boom Stick and Deathcoaster as specials.

    That’s the only combo I could beat level 50 with, tried just about everything else w/o any success.

  2. The easiest way for me, and i’m an addict of this game, is as follows: make sure your wall catapults are fully upgraded. don’t buy any soldiers till you’ve done 1 upgrade. use the death coaster when it appears. then buy henry (the silver guy). i buy spear guys and swordsmen to go with henry. they die when henry dies btw. always keep enough money to buy a henry. after the king and queen are all thats left, bring on the peasants to keep them at bay till the royal couple’s time ends. the death coaster won’t work on the king or queen, so use a combo of henry and peasants at the end to keep k and q away from the book. after i figured out to upgrade the wall catapults, i didn’t even have to upgrade the smithy or the coaster.

  3. I just use endless amounts of peasants to kill. Fight fire with fire (eg fight hordes with hordes) it works, and I got to 5 667 769 in endless mode.

  4. completed the level 50….!!! just max out the swordsmen and armored guard, create the death pit and takeout the skeletons with the drilling machine till you are about to upgrade the smithy. Then battle with the help of you swordsmen and armored guards till you defeat the king…!!!

  5. Arthur, wiseman, armored guard, peasants and sword boy. Death coaster and catapult volley. Just got 115,000,000 in endless (about 360,000 gold) and only ended because I was bored.

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