Angry Birds sales statistics
How many have they sold? HOW many?

Like the iPhone that launched it, Angry Birds has been a catalyst for the mobile phone industry.

Record after record has tumbled and the brand has since expanded into new products, other mobile platforms, the web, toys, t-shirts and even a movie. But how many has it sold across the product range?

Statistics from ATYM provide an indication, if not the definitive answer that only Rovio can provide:

  1. 300 million downloads and growing, with downloads estimated to reach the 1 billion mark
  2. Based on a sample of American consumers, 45% went onto purchase the paid version of the original Angry Birds game. That is a very high percentage for freemium purchases even at the tier 1 price point
  3. Males are 35% more likely to buy the paid version than females, with males aged 18-24 75% more likely to buy it than females over the age of 25 and, encouragingly for the future of mobile gaming sales 18-24 year olds are 33% more likely to buy the game than those over 25
  4. More than 100 billion Angry Birds are estimated to have been thrown. We’re not quite sure how on earth you work that stat out, but even so that’s a lot of Angry Birds
  5. The platform stats. 32% on iPhone; a surprisingly high 33% on iPod touch; 15% on iPad; 6% on Mac; 41% on Android, 25% on PC and 6% ‘other’