Android tablet statistics
A small but growing percentage

Android is one of the big two Smartphone platforms, but is yet to replicate this in the tablet marketplace.

Data is hard to come by on exactly how many tablets have been activated, as opposed to shipped, and what percentage of the Android platform is tablets and what percentage is Smartphones.

While the total number of Android devices is unclear, Google have at least confirmed in their Motorola acquisition post that more than 150m Android devices have been activated with 550k new activations a day. The breakdown between tablets and Smartphones is a little clearer again thanks to Google themselves.

On their developer website, they have a handy chart which shows that in August 2010, at least 1.3% of the market was tablets. Why ‘at least’? This is because some older tablets, which failed to sell in big numbers, still use the Android 2 operating system.

The majority of new devices now use the bespoke 3+ Honeycomb platform for larger screens. This means that there are at least 2m – 1.3% of 150m. Still early days, but with a flood of Android devices hitting the market this and next year.

See the chart on the right for the breakdown.