Ask teens which Smartphone they would most like and you may be surprised by the results, as data from Ofcom shows.

Despite its reputation as a corporate device, the strength of Blackberry Messenger in particular and the low cost of many of the devices makes Blackberry the handset of choice for 37% of UK teens. Among teens it’s more popular among girls with 44% than boys 28% (slightly ahead of iPhone with 24%).

Blackberry has been steadily repositioning itself as a consumer as well as a corporate device and when the current generation reaches the working world those preferences for Blackberry may well continue into their choice of pricier and more sophisticated Smartphones. This in turn may prove the tipping point for Blackberry App World which has been eclipsed first by the rise of Apple’s App Store and more recently by the surge in popularity of the Android Market.

It doesn’t make good reading for Nokia with only 8% choosing their devices and they will be hoping that their forthcoming deal with Microsoft will start reversing the downward trend in market share of Smartphones.

Overall and among older demographics the iPhone remains the preferred choice, particularly among the affluent 25-35 and ABC1 markets.

Unfortunately, the figures don’t break out Android’s figures properly with Samsung for example having both Android and their own Bada platform devices.

UK Smartphone market statistics
The picture varies considerably by demographic