To complete GTA Vice City 100%, you’ll need to do the Hyman Memorial Stadium driving missions.

It’s easy to miss them as the stadium is only open at certain times. If you go up the steps on the east of the stadium there is a set of glass doors in the middle. They only open from 8pm to midnight, so it’s easy to miss the missions entirely.

Quite why the missions aren’t more front and centre is a mystery as they are probably the best driving missions in the game.

First up is Bloodring – a Nascar-style smash-up where the clock counts down from a minute. If your car is destroyed or the minute expires then you lose the game. You win by entering the yellow markers which add on time – to win you need to have over a minute on the clock. What makes it difficult is that the other cars are all out to block and smash yours which means you have to be constantly on the move in a car that is hard to control on the step slopes of the arena.

Next is the tricky Dirtring – a dirt bike stunt mission where you have to ride your park through a series of markers. Some of them are ticked off by doing a lap of the track, but there are also jumps and most difficult of all stunt areas where you have to ride the bike along a tricky ledge.

Finally, it’s time for Hotring where again you’re in a Nascar-style track on an oval track with some shockingly bad but entertaining drivers who veer all over the track. Even if you get in front, you’ll quickly start lapping back markers with no sense of direction which makes it a challenge to win the race or finish in the top three.