If you’re looking to get six stars on Grand Theft Auto Andreas, then there are a number of ways to do so. Reach the full six stars and you’ll have the army on your case with some heavy weaponry, but also the chance to bag yourself a tank.

First and foremost, you can only get six stars when you’ve reached the third island in the game, Las Venturas. Likewise, you can only get four stars when you’re still on the first island, Los Santos, five stars on the second, San Fierro and then the full six on Las Venturas.

So, how can you get six stars?

Old school: the hard way

Just keep shooting at everything around you and you’ll soon rack up the stars as the police ramp up in numbers and hardware. The only problem is that you’re likely to be blown all the way to the hospital before you get your full complement of stars. You’ll need to be nimble, have good cover above you from helicopters and be packing some serious weaponry, with the M4 particularly effective as a powerful and decent range weapon.

The quick way: the navy base in Las Venturas

Head for the Easter Basin Navy Base to the west of the city of Las Venturas. Drive up to the fence and you’ll instantly have five stars with all your health intact (make sure you’re packing armour). You can head to the control tower to avoid helicopter fire and then use an M4 to target the Feds until you reach six stars. Be careful as you can get exposed when out on the balcony trying to ramp up your stars.

The slow, but sure way

You need a place with overhead cover and where you can stay still without being hit while still able to take out those around you to ramp up the stars. There are not many places in the game where you can do this, but we found a particularly good spot in Los Santos as indicated on the map just to the north west of the docks and beside the railway line.

Head up the staircase on the map and start firing. The helicopters won’t come out as you have cover above and the cops can’t get you as you have cover below. They don’t come up the stairs either, so if you have an M4 handy you can shoot away and only take the odd hit.

We found you could reach six stars just about every time with most of your health intact. And then the real fun starts when the tanks and army trucks start coming out.

Got another or better way, let us know in the comments below?

Reach wanted level of six GTA San Andreas