It was never meant to be this way… A slip of the hand, a knock from the elbow and, erm, an out of control bulldozer and someone’s pride and joy was reduced to at best a cracked mess and at worse a mangled lump of metal and glass.

We trawled the internet to find the best and worst photos of iPhone carnage for your viewing pleasure. And yes, as it’s the internet, there’s a picture of a cat. Let’s countdown from 10…

10. ‘Tis but a scratch – a gentle start to the more x-rated scenes of carnage to follow

Cracked Glass iPhone

9. Finger shredder: answer a call and slice your finger in two…

cracked iphone screen - Day 3

8. Ready-made repair kit: to repair, lift phone, take money, head to Apple Store…

iPhone 3G Disassembly

7. Design icon: the iconic marketing shot of the icons, after a hammer has hit that is…

Broken iPhone Screen

6. Replacement phone: when you buy your iPhone down the market and ask for a refund – it’s an Apple isn’t it?


5. Out of storage: what happens if you exceed your storage limit…

iPhone 3G Disassembly

4. Here’s one I broke earlier: when science experiments and hammers combine…

Broken 3GS screen...  Amazing what daughters are capable of with $478 equipment.

3. What do mean out of warranty: I just brushed the screen and this happened. Can I have a new phone please? Please?

Cracked iPhone

2. Post-apocalpyse: and no network reception either…


2. Obligatory internet slideshow picture of cat: break your iPhone, moi?

Mr. Higgins new phone

1. An ex-iPhone: Ladies and gentleman we have a winner!