Apple versus Android
Android has caught up in terms of devices, but is still a long way short on revenues

It’s the big question, which of the big two platforms should you prioritise, Apple or Android?

Statistics from app store analytics service, App Annie, provides useful data covering Q1 2012 to help inform your decision.

Despite Android edging ahead into terms of handset sales, the key number for those developers focused on paid content sales as opposed to advertising reach is in the relative app store revenues, with Apple’s iOS deivering more than double the revenues of Google Play with a 71:29 split.

And this looks set to continue with the current figures showing that the growth in revenue from the two stores is  tied at 14%.

The revenues themselves are dominated by the US, with the UK and Japan the next two key markets. For iOS the breakdown is 42% US, 10% Japan, 8% UK, with 40% rest of world. For Android it’s 45% US, 11% UK, 10% Japan and 34% rest of world.

As above the question comes down to your strategy. Are you trying to maximise paid content revenues, in which case an Apple first, Android second approach fits the numbers? Or indeed focusing on maximise reach with free or ad-funded content in which case it’s a close call, but has Android slightly ahead.