Tablet market share 2011
Apple still dominant, but Amazon loom on the horizon

Despite the flurry of tablet launches over the past year, Apple’s share of the tablet market remains dominant in Q1 of 2011, according to figures from IDC Market Intelligence.

Indeed its share even rose, thanks to the momentum gained from the iPad 2 launch and the lack of a standout competitor, Android or otherwise.

Apple’s share in Q1 2010 was 65.7%, but grew to an impressive 68.3% in the corresponding period in 2011. Android’s share, despite a significant rise in the number of products available, actually fell from 34% in Q1 2010 to 26.8% in Q1 2011.

However, the real change in the market will come with the launch of the Kindle Fire which is expected to see the kind of success of the original e-ink Kindle backed by Amazon’s combination of customer data, software and services.

The figures show Blackberry following up the rear with 5%, with presumably other operating systems beyond these three having minimal share.