ZombieSmasher price drop
Yet more zombie-themed mayhem to enjoy

Castle defence meets zombies in the addictive ZombieSmash, our Follow That App of the Week for July 23rd 2011.

We love both castle defence and zombie games, so were optimistic when this came to our inbox.

Thankfully it lived up to its billing with an entertaining take on both genres. It’s accessible enough for arcade-style gaming, but as you progress through the calendar of zombie-infested nights, it requires strategy as well as quick fingers.

As with all good zombie games, there’s comedy too in the slow-motion destruction of the final zombie and the ability to swing the poor zombies around and hurl them across the scene.

And there’s enough variation in zombies, weapons and tactics to keep you interested after the first few waves of carnage.

Don’t love
Let’s face it, even for fans of the genre such as us, it’s not the most original of concepts. In addition, it can degenerate into a random swirl of tiring fingers rather than a test of timing and skill, but perhaps that’s half the fun.

Zombies. Castle Defence. It should be an iPhone banker of a game and thankfully it is and well worth a download while it’s currently free.

Want more?

Fanboy store review: “Great game! I’ve found myself playing for ages! Five stars from me!!” 

Meh store review: “Yeh it’s really fun swiping your finger up and down the screen for 20 minutes. The reviews make the game sound amazing but I promise you you will get bored pretty quickly.”

Get it on iTunes: here.