Chicks review
Not that kind of cute chicks...

With more than a little inspiration from the very old school computer game Lemmings, Chicks is a cute and engaging game in which you help little chicks escape level by level. (Review no. UFHTUS6WKP4Z)

This is one cute game. The old school animation, the corny music and the amusing sounds.

The first level is easy to complete and introduces the essential concepts for helping the chicks escape and the game then builds on this adding complexity and functionality across 32 levels.

It’s accessible enough for the casual gamer, but there is enough there to provide several hours of fun and frustration. If you can’t wait, then an in-app purchase will unlock all the levels for you but where’s the fun in that.

Don’t love
Where are the other levels? Having got you hooked across 32 levels, the game ends there when many users would be willing to shell out a small sum for more. In a free game this is fine, in a paid game Angry Birds and their generous updates put it to shame, but then again they do that to most apps.

The music while amusing to start with does start to grind for veteran players, although you can switch it off.

Although it used to be free, it’s still good value and a good source of entertainment and frustration to while away a few hours. If only there was a little more to it, it would be a worth contender for a Follow That App of the Week award.

Want more?

Fanboy store review: “Almost perfect. If you like lemmings then you’ll have no problems enjoying this game”

Meh store review: “…Lemmings this is NOT!! Glitchy, poor level designs, less playability, and utterly infuriating music”

From the publisher: “now the chicks have fallen into a strange world of obstacles, deserts, and glaciers, and they need your help to escape! use the tools at the bottom of the screen to guide these chicks back to the meadow before time runs out and the portal closes!…”

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