How to get six stars on GTA3

Six stars on GTA3
Six stars, high health, the ultimate on Grand Theft Auto 3

Six stars are the ultimate wanted level on Grand Theft Auto 3, but seemingly no matter how much mayhem you cause they are frustratingly difficult to attain with your health intact.

However, we’ve found an easy way to quickly earn yourself six stars, while preserving your health and giving you the best chance of hijacking a tank and paving a path of destruction.

Six stars on GTA3
Six stars, high health, the ultimate on Grand Theft Auto 3

Firstly though, you’ll need to have unlocked the third island, as you can only get a maximum of four stars until Staunton is unlocked and five stars until Shoreside Vale is unlocked. Once you’ve unlocked the third island, it doesn’t matter which of the three islands you’re on, you can still earn the maximum number of stars.

  1. First you need to get your hands on at least twenty grenades, either from an Ammunation store or later in the game from your safehouses.
  2. Then get yourself to Bedford Point at the location shown on the map.
  3. Lob a few grenades to get yourself at least a couple of stars in the bank
  4. Then head up the steps and down the corridor keeping the road on your left. At the end you’ll find ammo and armour
  5. As the police approach lob a few grenades over the wall to your left
  6. The cops won’t climb over the wall, but as your grenades hit the waiting police massed on the other side of the wall your star rating will quickly go up all the way to six.
  7. Make sure you keep moving as the helicopter’s bullets can still get you
  8. You should now have six stars, armour, good health and plenty of army trucks and tanks to play with
  9. Now read our piece on how to get a tank on Grand Theft Auto 3 and the fun can really start…

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Bedford Point
Bedford Point – where to earn six stars
Beford Point - the stairs
Straight ahead up the stairs and keep to the left…


  1. i found another way… it is to get to the police station in shorevale and get to the back. jump of the two buildings. Make sure u have a sniper rifle, good guns and rocket launcher ( 2-3). snipe some people, then cops, and blow up their cop cars. then when the helicopters come in, take them out with the rocketlauncher ( one heli usually is one star. ) then i just blew up everythnig below me. the hard part is taking out the helis cuz they shoot at u

    • I tried this and you’re right it also works. It’s funny watching the cops trying to reach you but just smashing into each other and the wall… It is a little harder picking up a tank though as you get exposed running across the police yard.

  2. The best way is still the classic. Go to the draw bridge and as you drive up the circular ramp go on the wrong side of the road. start crossing the bridge slowly and look left. just before where the bridge splits there is a gap between the pillars that line the bridge. pull your car up beside it jump on the car then jump onto the side of the bridge. Now if you look down in front of you there is a walkway that runs along the bridge, hop down and head back towards staunton. once you’re over the road use rockets and the like to kill stuff until you’re at six stars. The only problem with this one is that there is usually a cop or two parked directly under you (the tanks also park right below you). once you see a tank approaching lob some grenades or shoot some rockets down and try to clear as many cops as possible then look and try to see where the tanks are below you. hop down as close to a tank as you can and they won’t shoot you while you get back up. then just dart for a tank and get moving.

  3. Er just geht Tod the 2nd floor in the carpark and get on a car then shoot through the gap in the wall at random people until you get 6 stars…

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