Complete the Pizza Boy mission to up your maximum health from 100 health points to 150. You can start the mission by jumping on the red scooter at one of the three Well Stacked Pizza joints in the game.

The mission itself requires you to complete 10 levels. Level 1 sees you needing to deliver a single pizza in a generous 5 minutes. You just need to drive alongside the customer and then tap on the drive-by buttons to deliver the pizza to them. Be careful to line-up alongside them properly or you will lose the pizza.

The bike can hold 6 pizzas at at time which is plenty for the earlier missions, but requires more careful route planning on the later levels when you have to deliver an extra pizza for each level with the same 5 minute time limit.

If you tap on the map to plot your route then the timer stops which is essential in the latter stages of the mission where it’s tricky to deliver all the pizzas in the 5 minutes allowed. This is a long mission which can take up to 45 minutes, so it’s vital to plan the route and deliver the pizzas accurately as you don’t want to have to do it multiple times.

Complete it and you’ll earn a $5,000 cash bonus and best of all your health will top up to 150 each time it’s renewed.

Watch our video to see a walkthrough and talk through!