In the mobile versions of GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City, there is one of the best glitches in GTA. First you park a car over the water’s edge, such as on a pier. If you annoy a pedestrian by hitting them, they chase you and then drag you out of the vehicle over water, then you re-appear underwater and can explore without drowning until you reach the edge of the solid area and fall into Blue Hell.

We decide to try out this glitch in GTA 3 to find out if you can walk underwater or swim. It is possible to swim in GTA 3 if you have the PC version and can install a mod. However, on the mobile version there are neither mods or cheats available.

As you’ll see in the video above, we parked above water and with a little trial and error managed to get dragged out of the van over water. So far so good. Unfortunately, that was the end of the experiment as Claude simply fell into the water and sunk.