In theory you have full freedom to explore the world of GTA Vice City. As you progress through the game there are cars, boats, helicopters and even sea planes. Yes, you can’t swim, but there shouldn’t be any reason not to head out to sea and beyond.

We decided to explore the limitations of the game by boat and by plane. In GTA San Andreas you can keep going seemingly forever, although if you get wasted far out to sea you are miraculously repatriated on land in the nearest island hospital!

So what about GTA Vice City?

By sea there’s no obvious barrier, but once you reach a certain point offshore you hit an invisible wall and just bounce of it. It’s a similar story in a plane as clearly the game designers have put limits in place to the 3D world to keep you within the confines of the drawn world. It would have been cool to tumble into Blue Hell at the edge of the world, but it’s not possible, on the mobile app version at least.

Check out our video to watch what happens.