If you can’t wait to unlock the other islands in GTA 3, then watch our video above to see how to do so via a Blue Hell glitch.

Park the car on the edge of the top of the tunnel on the north west of the first island exactly where we parked in. Make sure you park with the driver’s side on the edge and then simply exit the vehicle. Due to a Blue Hell glitch you don’t just fall into the water, instead you enter a weird in between region of the game inside the top of the tunnel.

You need to run towards the Panatlantic sign and try to jump over it which may take a few attempts. Once you’ve over it keep running through the top of the tunnel until you reach the other side. Check the map to make sure you are across to the second island and then jump off the side of the tunnel and you’ll re-spawn on the second island.

Reaching the third island is much easier. All you need to know is the location of the tunnel entrance which you’ll find on the north of the island. Simply drive in, turn left at the bottom and keep driving until you reach the third island. Exit the tunnel and that’s it, you’ve made it to the third island, Shoreside Vale, even though you haven’t even completed a mission!