Juju Scramble - GTA Vice City
Climb up the stairs in the picture to escape the factory in time

Trojan Voodoo is the final mission for the Cubans. Umberto is his usual noisy but less than courageous self and asks you to settle his score with the Haitians by blowing up their drug factory.

First top up your health and armour. Then you need to get hold of a Voodoo car to gain entrance to the factory undetected. Just head to back to the source of the Haitian missions and there’s one parked outside the house waiting for you. Jump in and drive over to meet the others just around the corner to head over to the drug factory in the car..

Make sure you stay in the car when you reach the factory or you will be rumbled. When the doors open, drive in and you can do a drive by on the Cubans without triggering an alert to save yourself hassle on the exit.

When you drive into the purple indicator inside the factory it’s a race against the clock to plant the bombs. However, the clock doesn’t start until you plant the first bomb, so head inside with a M4 and take out those in the factory.

Start with the bomb up the stairs as the other two are on ground level. Plant the first one, then head down the stairs to activate the final two.

Then it’s a race to escape the factory, but what’s this? The gates are closed.

Head towards the gates and on the right there is a set of stairs as shown in the picture – run up these and you’ll be clear before it blows. Remain inside the factory area and you’ll fail the mission.

Reach the stairs and it’s a cool $10,000.