Recruitment Drive - GTA Vice City
A hot date with Candy Suxxx at the pizza parlour

Recruitment Drive is the first movie studio mission as you meet up with director Steve Scott. Unhappy with the acting talent in the film, you propose getting in some new actors, starting with the ever subtle, Candy Suxxx (is that her real name?).

You then need to head over to the western island to pick up her up in a fast car making sure your health and armour are topped up. Her pimp has other ideas about her diary and three of his men attack you while he drives off.

Jump in your fast car and catch up with the pimp smashing into his car or doing a drive-by to get his attention. At that point three more of his men will jump out and start attacking you with machine guns. You can either just drive on or take them out with a drive-by. The pimp then heads off into the distance, so catch up with him once again and then take him out with a drive-by or by smashing into his car several times.

When he’s dealt with head back and pick up Candy. From there it’s a short drive to go and pick up Mercedes from the pizza restaurant. Just make sure you have a car with four doors, so you can all fit in.

There’s no more drama, so it’s just a cruise back to the movie studio to pick up $1,000 reward, unless you get bored and flip the car in which case it’s back to square one…