How to complete Distribution, GTA Vice City
How to complete Distribution, GTA Vice City

To activate Distribution, GTA Vice City, you’ll need to have purchased Cherry Poppers, the ice cream delivery firm.

To activate the mission get into the ice cream van in the doors of the Cherry Poppers building and drive off. Make sure you start the mission without any stars as you’ll want to minimise police attention while you’re carrying out the mission.

The goal of the mission is to distribute 50 ‘ice creams’ without getting busted by the police. To start the mission swipe the horn and read our help guide on Why won’t the horn work  if the horn won’t start for you as there’s a minor bug which has affected a number of users.

Once you’ve got the horn working, it’s best to drive south down towards the docks. Approach any pedestrians you see and they will approach the van to do a deal. Once you’ve done 4 or so, you’ll pick up a wanted star. Just keep an eye out for the cops.

If they are on foot, simply drive away and you should lose the start pretty quickly. If there are in a car, wait for them to get out and drive away.

After every few deals, you’ll be notified that the area has run out of customers. Just drive round the corner and park near any pedestrians you see and you’ll soon attract another four.

If you get two wanted stars, then it’s best to head to the Pay’N’Spray in the docks area as it is hard to stay still without getting busted by the police.

Once you’ve completed 50 deals or more, you can exit the ice cream van and you’ll have completed the mission. While you can keep completing deals you only earn $10 or so for each so it’s not worth continuing and better to move onto more interesting missions.

Now you’ve completed the mission , you can earn up to $3000 a day just by revisiting the icon outside Cherry Poppers.